AUTOflow Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Billing month starts from the moment when payment is successfully processed. Payments for the month that is already started are non-refundable under any conditions. You can request a refund only for the part of your payment which belongs to the period of time not yet started. For example, if you purchased 12 months of subscription at one and decided to cancel subscription, we'll refund you the part of the payment for 11 month as the first month of your subscription had already started by the moment of refund request.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your subscription any time you like from the billing setup page. From the moment of the cancellation request you won't be charged for your subscription anymore except for any outstanding amounts from the current or previous periods.

Chargebacks Handling Policy

Upon receiving chargeback we immediately stop your account and block access to all software/services you purchased. Additionally, we forward a request to your bank regarding the reason of chargeback request and whether it complies with our Refund Policy. If not, legal actions are taken.

For all questions regarding refund policy contact our support team at